Data center colocation
Trouble-free colocation at our state-of-the-art data center

Cut-down expenses by migrating your IT equipment to our high-grade data center built according to the latest technology standards. The data center and the team of experienced professionals are ready to serve mission-critical IT systems, providing high level of redundancy, security and availability.

Advantages of using external DC

Higher reliability and uptime due to redundant systems which will cost you double the investments in case you build your own server room.
No need to keep expensive professionals on the payroll that will manage and monitor the systems 24/7.
Cheap upgrade of capacities without additional investments in new infrastructure such as expensive UPS and power generator systems.

Technical specs of our DC

Specification Description
Power system Dedicated A+B power line feeds (AC) to each rack, protected by (A+B) UPS systems and uninterruptible power generator protection. The power transformer is connected to the electrical power substation in a ring topology.
Cooling system Redundant industrial cooling systems.
Interference protection Anti static floor that meets Motorola R56 standard. Fully enclosed and grounded metallic cable trunking system. Multi-level and dedicated cable trunks for data and power lines
Fire protection Multi-zone fire detection system and total-flooding fire suppression system using clean agents. Door and electric cables certified for 90 min fire resistance.
Water leak protection Automatic water leak detection and monitoring systems.
Humidity regulation Automatic dehumidifier/humidifier systems for regulation of strict humidity levels.
Physical protection 24/7 manned security presence at the site by certified security company. Extensive HQ quality video camera surveillance across the premise.
SLA Monthly uptime: 99.99%.
Connectivity Linked to geographically diverse fiber optic routes. Open access and open interconnectivity. Clients are free to interconnect with any data center user.
Access to the core networks of the Internet Connection to multiple global and regional networks enables multi-level redundancy, high uptime and lowest packet latency. The connections are established via geographically diverse fiber routes.
Customer support Experienced professionals that manage, monitor and provide support to all data center systems.
Remote control Remote hands and remote console services are available.

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  • Highest-grade

    Dedicated to provide flawless first-class services delivered exclusively over highest quality systems.

  • Best pricing

    Best price/performance ratio. Flexible terms adopted to clients’ needs.

  • Customers first

    Utmost commitment to maintain customers’ satisfaction at highest possible levels.

  • Industry-leading SLA

    SLA secured by 24/7 proactive monitoring that ensures high availability for mission-critical operations.

  • 24/7/365

    Direct and anytime contact with sales and technical staff dedicated for your company.

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