Interspace Peering policy


About Interspace

Interspace is a provider of first-class telecommunication, hosting and cloud services. Our prime focus is to follow and control strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent services for enterprises and service providers.

Peering Policy

Interspace has an open peering policy. Interspace welcomes the opportunity to peer with networks that are connected to mutual Internet Exchanges or data centers.

Interspace is committed to provide uncongested bandwidth to its clients. On account of this goal, the connections are continuously monitored and upgraded to handle the increased demands. Interspace requests the peering partners to act in the same manner and continuously provide sufficient backhaul bandwidth for seamless traffic exchange.

Public Peering Requirements

  • Up-to-date PeeringDB entry.
  • AS-SET or ROUTE-SET objects in the respective RIR.
  • Do not use default or static routes to direct traffic to Interspace. Send only the traffic destined for the prefixes Interspace announces to you.
  • NOC contact which is responsive 24/7.

Peering information

ASN 200899
Recommended IPv4 prefix limit 60000
Recommended IPv6 prefix limit 10000

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    Dedicated to provide flawless first-class services delivered exclusively over highest quality systems.

  • Best pricing

    Best price/performance ratio. Flexible terms adopted to clients’ needs.

  • Customers first

    Utmost commitment to maintain customers’ satisfaction at highest possible levels.

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    SLA secured by 24/7 proactive monitoring that ensures high availability for mission-critical operations.

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    Direct and anytime contact with sales and technical staff dedicated for your company.

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