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Delta VPS
Line of virtual private servers in the cloud for general use cases, with unbeatable price to performance ratio.
Powered by optimized resources of high-performing AMD EPYC CPUs, NVME disks in RAID10 with direct local link, independent 1 Gbit connections for Internet access and private network.
Ideal for a range of projects including e-commerce, email servers, development environments, and more.
Especially useful for improving the website performance by migrating it from a shared server.
PlanvCPURAMSpaceMonthly fee
(excl. VAT 18%)
DL-A1011 GB10 GB NVMe€ 3
DL-A1112 GB20 GB NVMe€ 3.9
DL-A2122 GB40 GB NVMe€ 4.6
DL-A2224 GB40 GB NVMe€ 5.8
DL-A3134 GB80 GB NVMe€ 8.4
DL-A2328 GB80 GB NVMe€ 10.9
DL-A4248 GB160 GB NVMe€ 15.6
DL-A43416 GB160 GB NVMe€ 19.9
DL-A81816 GB240 GB NVMe€ 29.4
DL-A82832 GB240 GB NVMe€ 38.5
DL-A1611632 GB360 GB NVMe€ 64.7
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Dedicated VPS
Line of virtual private servers in the cloud for compute-intensive operations, with remarkable value for your investment.
Dedicated cores of AMD EPYC processors from the new gen with very high performance. High-grade NVMe disks in RAID10 with direct local ultra-fast link, independent connections of 2 Gbit for Internet access and 1 Gbit for private network.
Perfect for workloads with high CPU, memory and disk IO demands, like highly frequented websites, ERP, CRM, intensively used applications or extensive database operations.
Engineered for businesses seeking top-tier computational power, efficiency and reliability.
PlanvCPURAMSpaceMonthly fee
(excl. VAT 18%)
DC-C2128 GB80 GB NVMe€ 14
DC-C41416 GB160 GB NVMe€ 28
DC-C81832 GB240 GB NVMe€ 55
DC-C83832 GB960 GB NVMe€ 78
DC-C1611664 GB360 GB NVMe€ 107
DC-C1621664 GB960 GB NVMe€ 125
DC-C1641664 GB1920 GB NVMe€ 155
DC-C32132128 GB600 GB NVMe€ 210
DC-C32232128 GB960 GB NVMe€ 221
DC-C32332128 GB1920 GB NVMe€ 251
DC-C32432128 GB2880 GB NVMe€ 281
DC-C32532128 GB3840 GB NVMe€ 311
DC-C48148192 GB960 GB NVMe€ 316
DC-C48248192 GB1920 GB NVMe€ 346
DC-C48348192 GB2880 GB NVMe€ 376
DC-C48448192 GB3840 GB NVMe€ 406
DC-C48548192 GB4800 GB NVMe€ 436
DC-C48648192 GB5760 GB NVMe€ 466
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 Get Started with InterspaceJoin us to explore our cloud servers and the features of the Interspace Cloud Platform
Advantages of Interspace Cloud 
Elastic Cloud VPS represents a virtual machine running on an infrastructure built on advanced cloud and networking technologies, offering significant advantages over traditional VPS hosting. The name 'Elastic Cloud VPS' is exclusively used in the Interspace ecosystem, referring to a product with capabilities comparable to those of Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine.

This product provides cloud servers with very high availability, rapid deployment, advanced networking options, seamless scalability, easy-to-use data recovery and protection features, disk encryption and other advantages, making it future-ready for the next generation of applications and workloads. Read more

Built on a future-ready elastic infrastructure, the Interspace cloud platform is primed to support evolving and business-critical applications. Interspace Cloud systems operate and move transparently across large clusters of redundant hardware resources, which are regularly maintained and upgraded, providing a seamless experience without any downtime for end-user services. Read more
The Interspace Cloud Private network is a Layer 2 Ethernet network that is isolated and dedicated to a single organization. In this network, your virtual private servers, dedicated servers and metro ethernet endpoints and other cloud systems can communicate directly and free-of-charge over private IPs. Your servers that don't need to be accessed over the Internet can use only private IPs, such as data bases, development environment and other backend services. Read more

Interspace Cloud offers a number of technologies that enable secure connections to your Cloud private network from outside networks such as the Internet. Cloud VPN enables individual computers from anywhere in the world to securely connect to your servers and other systems in the cloud, over the Internet. Cloud NAT Gateway enables inbound and outbound Internet connectivity for your servers with private IPs. Cloud metro ethernet unifies the LAN networks of your physical offices and your Cloud private network. Read more
Internet connectivity through the Interspace Cloud is powered by our carrier-grade telecommunication network, passionately engineered to ensure the highest quality connections from/to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

Interspace is a first-class telecom provider, operating its own autonomous system within the global BGP network and an extensive fiber optic network that extends over 3000 km. Our infrastructure includes direct connections to the world's leading tier 1 global networks and strategic regional and local peerings, ensuring we deliver the highest-grade connectivity to professional businesses and service providers. Read more
Automatic Backups are complete copies of your entire virtual server, offering a future point that you can restore to. Unlike the Snapshots that are created manually, Automatic Backups are created without the need for manual intervention.

Automatic Backups are invaluable in situations where where restoring system functionality or recovering data requires reverting to a reliable point in the past. Additionally, they play a crucial role in reducing the costs associated with performing manual backups.

Unlike in typical cloud services, Automatic Backups in Interspace Cloud operate on a user-customized schedule and are stored securely, utilizing a strategy for dual data centers located 100 km apart. Read more
Replication is a process of continuous creation of an identical standby copy (called replica) of the primary virtual server in another data center located at a safe distance of at least 100 km. The replication can be activated in one click, whereupon you do not do any activities, in the background the system automatically runs all the complex operations.

In the case of an incident in the primary data center, the replica can be started and continue to run from the disaster recovery data center, without the need of preparing new servers and related infrastructure, as well as restoring from backup copies (if you made a backup copy at all). Read more
Snapshots are complete copies of your entire virtual server, offering a future point that you can restore to. Unlike the automatic backups that operate on a schedule, Snapshots are created manually with the simple click of a button.

They are particularly valuable for performing updates, testing new applications, or any scenario where restoring system functionality or recovering data requires reverting to a reliable point in the past.

Unlike typical snapshots, Interspace Cloud Snapshots represent a full copy of the server and they are stored securely, utilizing a strategy for dual data centers located 100 km apart. Read more
As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Interspace brings a multitude of benefits to our clients, including affordable Microsoft software licenses and managed services for seamless integration of your systems with the robust Microsoft ecosystem.

Leverage our Microsoft Partnership to help your drive for innovation, efficiency and success of your business by running Microsoft technologies on our reliable and high-performance cloud platform.
Interspace operates in accordance with the highest standards and adheres to strict procedures, regularly validated through certifications as detailed below:

  • ISO 27001: Certification for our system managing information security.
  • ISO 20000-1: Certification attesting to our management processes for the effective delivery of IT services.
  • ISO 22301: Certification for ensuring business continuity in the event of an incident or disaster.
  • ISO 9001: Certification for our quality management system.
  • ISO 14001: Certification attesting to our responsible environmental management system.
  • License A for network design: The highest accreditation for designing high-grade network infrastructure, including data center systems and fiber optic networks.
Testimonials for Cloud services 
The ONE group, including the institutions and companies ONE Leasing, ONE Finance, ONE Auto and ONE Rental, is a business built on the principles of commitment, expertise, innovation and efficiency. In our operations, we use cloud virtual servers for various applications used by our employees and customers.

We have migrated all our virtual servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Interspace. That really helped us to solve the problem with increased costs caused by the needs for higher capacity servers. The simplicity of the management panel, along with the tools for data protection at a safe distance (disaster recovery) and the exceptional performance of the servers, gives us confidence that our business processes have a stable IT infrastructure.
PrimePoint Partners is the leading management consulting company in the Western Balkans, specializing in implementation of high-impact economic development programs, strategic advisory, business acceleration and access to finance.

We're using Interspace's cloud virtual servers for our extensive documentation system, collaboration and project management tools, and private online meetings. We're also using Interspace's cloud metro service, which enables us to seamlessly unite our offices in Macedonia (Skopje, Ohrid) and Montenegro (Podgorica) into one unified office network.

The reliability of their systems enable the services we use to be constantly up and running. Their data protection technologies allows us to activate the disaster recovery solution and daily backups in one click.

Our experience with Interspace cloud services has been overwhelmingly positive. Interspace brings a level of professionalism that is vital for the complex processes we conduct and the quality of service we provide to our clients.
Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) is the public broadcaster, which has more than 700 employees and associates that work day-by-day to provide production and broadcasting of radio and TV programmes of all genres.

MRT is using the Interspace cloud and online video platform for its live and on-demand video services. The cloud solution involves servers that span on 3 continents, architectured for lowest latency response based on visitors geo location and automatic replication for data protection.

Hundreds of thousands of videos, as well as 12 live TV and radio channels are being flawlessly streamed by their cloud servers. The videos reach our audience in the highest quality, no matter where they watch and what their Internet connection quality is.

Their platform does all the things in the background, including multi-resolution re-encoding and distribution of the same content across multiple servers, enabling our services to seamlessly stream content to thousands of simultaneous viewers. Our admins love how easy the platform is to use, yet it executes such complex processes undernit.
The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) is the national highest scientific, scholarly and artistic institution founded in 1967. MANU has published thousands of scientific papers from all fields of science and arts.

For the needs of advanced digitalization and electronic databases protection, in 2017 MANU selected the Interspace Cloud Platform. To this day we are a client of Interspace because we have had nothing but positive experiences, especially with the stability of their systems, amazing technical support and easy-to-use web management tools.
Testimonials for Communication services 
Cosmic Development is a global provider of skills, knowledge, and expertise in the IT industry. We've been partners with Interspace for years now, and they've been nothing short of amazing for us! We have both internal and client facing services running stable with no network hiccups on our Interspace connection. We've recently survived a full office migration and, thanks to Interspace, their team, their pro-activity and their attitude, we've had 0 downtime on our Internet connection.

Their flexibility and response time are definitely a key factor in our relationship. Between our two offices, in two different cities, our Internet connection and services are always running and our employees are always covered. I would highly recommend Interspace to everyone, as I am more than thrilled to be working with them!
Causeway Connect is a multi-disciplinary team providing services in 20 countries, in the range of software development, helpdesk, HR and recruitment, finance and accounting, sales and marketing.

As a company that services 300+ clients worldwide, we are very pleased that Interspace is able to consistently provide reliability and stability of the multiple Internet connections it delivers to us. We're especially impressed by their commitment to excellence and professionalism. The efficiency in service delivery and technical support are also worthy of a special mention, particularly to those looking for best-in-class Internet services.
Nexeon Technologies is a global technology company offering fully managed hosted infrastructure solutions, from personal & business website hosting, to virtual private cloud units.

Interspace dedicated hosting servers are an important part of our cross-continental infrastructure. We are delighted with Interspace's continuous professional support and superb network.
Hi-Tech Corp. is a globally renewed company and the European leader in Printed Circuit Boards technologies. We serve top-level customers such as Continental, Siemens, Bosch and alike. It is of vital importance in our business to use communication technologies with highest reliability and uptime.

Hi-Tech Corp. turned to Interspace for their feature rich technology for high-grade connectivity services. With Interspace's Dedicated Internet Access service, backed by their pro-active technical support, we are able to leverage our advanced applications and tools and communicate with our international partners with ease.
We're a globally recognized TV/video production company with more than 103 international awards. We can state with confidence that Interspace is a highly motivated and responsible telecom provider. Setting up the Internet service was seamless with the help of their dedicated Account Manager, who also provided valuable guidance in choosing the right features for our needs.

Their dedicated and talented personnel is proactively securing the quality of service. The selection of Interspace as the Internet provider was certainly a worthwhile decision for our company.

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