International data line
Dedicated connection between sites distributed worldwide


The International data line service enables two or more locations in any part of the world to establish private, reliable and superfast connection. At each location the lines terminate at standard Ethernet interface, enabling you to easily integrate the local networks of your globally distributed sites into a unified superfast network with guaranteed bandwidth.

The service can be provided over Ethernet protocol (International Ethernet Line) or over MPLS (International MPLS Line). Using the partnership with providers across the globe, Interspace can provide high-bandwidth and low latency data connectivity from 2Mbps to 10Gbps to almost any destination in the world.

Use cases

Bandwidth-intensive private application across international offices.
Dedicated connection to your international partners.
Internal telephone system across multiple locations in the world.
Corporate private network that spans across multiple countries.

Why choose us

We operate an extensive fiber optic telecom network in Macedonia that features extremely redundant architecture backed by next-generation terabit routing gear.
Each fiber strand is linked by fusion splicing and verified by extensive OTDR measurements. Dedicated end-to-end fibers are used for each link, instead of splitting fibers. Each line is verified with RFC2544 Ethernet tester.
Certified professionals with decades of expertise committed to safe-guard the uptime of services 24/7/365. We pride ourselves in following and controlling strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent service.
The switching network is under pro-active monitoring, including constant verification of the optical power levels for each client. Our 24/7 fiber maintenance teams do on-field inspection of the entire fiber infrastructure on a regular basis.
By operating large quantity of bandwith, we're able to provide highly competitive prices.

Give it a try

Request sales support now and our our team of experts will do their best to help you be globally connected at best price terms.


Macedonian top ranked companies, public institutions, foreign missions, as well as leading multinational enterprises place their trust and confidence in our abilities to serve highest-grade Internet.
  • National Bank of R. Macedonia

    Two high-grade Internet connections.

  • Johnson Matthey Macedonia

    High-grade Internet access for a British multinational company operating at the Bunardzik Technological Development Zone.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Three high-grade Internet connections and hosting of 60 data bases.

  • Public Roads Company (JPDP)

    High-grade Internet connections and live video streaming from 30 locations in Macedonia.

  • Telekom Slovenije

    We provide carrier grade connections in Macedonia for the leading telecom provider in the Balkans.

  • Macedonia2025

    Official Provider of Macedonia2025 Summit, annual flagship event featuring 250-300 business leaders, diplomats and international experts.

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