Live video streaming
Industry-leading platform to live stream your events and TV channels


Our full-featured live streaming platform enables you to seamlessly push events, TV channels and shows to the audience across the globe connected to any mobile or desktop device. Leading TV networks, media productions and broadcasters use our online platform to live stream their content with no investments in infrastructure. Based on a custom-made highly optimized streaming engine, our live streaming platform delivers unparalleled performance assured in multiple stress tests.


Globally-distributed content delivery network assuring exceptional viewing experience. New servers are added to the infrastructure on a regular bases.
Viewing and broadcasting on any desktop or mobile device, including iOS and Android devices.
Access protected streaming.
Unlimited simultaneous viewers.
White label video player.
And counting..

Why us?

Leading TV networks and content producers use our state-of-the-art live streaming platform.
We are following and controlling strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent service.
Dedicated team of professionals aimed to provide best customer experience.
Highly competitive pricing.

Depending on your live streaming project, we might be able to provide free activation of the service for a trial period. This is to showcase our advantages over exceptional quality and competitive prices. Feel free to contact us right now and verify this possibility.

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