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Dedicated plans

100/100 Mbps Unlimited
200/200 Mbps Unlimited
500/500 Mbps Unlimited
1/1 Gbps Unlimited
5/5 Gbps Unlimited
10/10 Gbps Unlimited
40/40 Gbps Unlimited
100/100 Gbps Unlimited
* Other bandwidth options are available upon request.

Our advantages

Interspace's utmost focus is to provide highest-grade Internet for professional businesses that rely on fast and reliable connection. All Internet plans feature superior fiber-optic link, symmetrical download and upload speed, unlimited monthly traffic, SLA 99.9% and static IP for uninterrupted connection. The service is exclusively delivered through dedicated point-to-point fiber optic lines, ensuring a flawless and super-fast signal flow.

Our service is ranked as the highest class Internet connection, and not in the class of standard-grade non-SLA backed fiber optic Internet services. Our network architecture is passionately designed to ensure the highest quality connections to any destination worldwide, boasting unmatched transfer speeds and multi-tier redundancy.

From the global Internet providers, we highlight the direct connections with Lumen (ex CenturyLink/Level3) and Arelion (ex TeliaCarrier) which are in the first two places on the global ranking list, as well as Hurricane Electric which is in the top 5. With these connections, our users enter directly into the core of the Internet network only through one provider router.

We establish direct peering with several regional and local providers, as well as specialized providers, including Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, and Facebook. We are present in Internet Exchanges, such as the European exchange DATAIX, the Macedonian exchange IXP.MK, and the Bulgarian exchange BIX, wherein we peer with a large number of Internet and hosting providers. These connections enable significantly higher bandwidth and lower latency by routing traffic directly, rather than through global providers.

Every connection is established using two or three geographically independent routes. This redundancy is achieved through Intesrpace's own regional network, which operates in a ring topology on the route Macedonia - Bulgaria - Serbia - Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro - Kosovo - Macedonia, with three larger points of presence in data centers in Skopje, Belgrade and Sofia.


ISO 27001 certificate which verifies that our information security management system meets strict international standards for information security and adequate protection of data.
ISO 20000-1 certificate which verifies that we operate an integrated system of management processes for effective delivery of IT services.
ISO 22301 certificate which verifies that our business continuity systems provide security and resilience that enable the business to survive and function in the event of incident or disaster.
ISO 9001 certificate which verifies the ability of our quality management system to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
ISO 14001 certificate which verifies that our environmental management system delivers high value of responsibilities and values to the environment, the organization and related parties.
License of highest level A for design of fiber optic infrastructure projects, ensuring that the infrastructure is designed according to the highest standards.

Fiber network

The core network features terabit capacity for switching and throughput. Every user-side port has dedicated throughout capacity because every single L2/L3 device part of our network (models verified by Tolly and Miercom testing) provides line-rate non-blocking forwarding capability, which means that they can process maximum bandwidth at all frame sizes (64-1518) and at all ports simultaneously.

We operate an extensive fiber optic telecom network which is under our ownership. We have our own teams and equipment for the entire process of constructing, operating and maintaining both the passive and active part of the network, enabling us to act fast and flawless in securing the guaranteed SLA and service uptime.

Each optic fiber is linked by fusion splicing and verified by extensive OTDR and RFC2544 Ethernet tester measurements. Dedicated end-to-end fibers are used for each link, instead of splitting fibers.

We do continuous 24/7 pro-active monitoring for both the core and user segment, including constant verifications of the optical power levels at each user-side optical interface. The advanced network monitoring system has been developed by our in-house software engineering teams, and it's being regularly updated to meet the demands of technological advances in the ICT industry.

Most of the employees have engineering certificates in their field of expertise. We pride ourselves in following and controlling strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent service.


  • Cosmic Development, Canada

    Cosmic Development is a global provider of skills, knowledge, and expertise in the IT industry. We've been partners with Interspace for years now, and they've been nothing short of amazing for us! We have both internal and client facing services running stable with no network hiccups on our Interspace connection. We've recently survived a full office migration and, thanks to Interspace, their team, their pro-activity and their attitude, we've had 0 downtime on our Internet connection. Their flexibility and response time are definitely a key factor in our relationship. Between our two offices, in two different cities, our Internet connection and services are always running and our employees are always covered. I would highly recommend Interspace to everyone, as I am more than thrilled to be working with them! Anthony Naumoff, Managing Director

  • Causeway Connect, UK

    Causeway Connect is a multi-disciplinary team providing services in 20 countries, in the range of software development, helpdesk, HR and recruitment, finance and accounting, sales and marketing. As a company that services 300+ clients worldwide, we are very pleased that Interspace is able to consistently provide reliability and stability of the multiple Internet connections it delivers to us. We're especially impressed by their commitment to excellence and professionalism. The efficiency in service delivery and technical support are also worthy of a special mention, particularly to those looking for best-in-class Internet services. David Jones, Director

  • Nexeon Technologies, USA

    Nexeon Technologies is a global technology company offering fully managed hosted infrastructure solutions, from personal & business website hosting, to virtual private cloud units. Interspace dedicated hosting servers are an important part of our cross-continental infrastructure. We are delighted with Interspace's continuous professional support and superb network. Charles Wood, CEO

  • Hi-Tech Corp, Europe

    Hi-Tech Corp. is a globally renewed company and the European leader in Printed Circuit Boards technologies. We serve top-level customers such as Continental, Siemens, Bosch and alike. It is of vital importance in our business to use communication technologies with highest reliability and uptime. Hi-Tech Corp. turned to Interspace for their feature rich technology for high-grade connectivity services. With Interspace's Dedicated Internet Access service, backed by their pro-active technical support, we are able to leverage our advanced applications and tools and communicate with our international partners with ease. Jovan Spasic, CTO

  • New Moment, Europe

    We're a globally recognized TV/video production company with more than 103 international awards. We can state with confidence that Interspace is a highly motivated and responsible telecom provider. Setting up the Internet service was seamless with the help of their dedicated Account Manager, who also provided valuable guidance in choosing the right features for our needs. Their dedicated and talented personnel is proactively securing the quality of service. The selection of Interspace as the Internet provider was certainly a worthwhile decision for our company. Jovica Zivkovic, CTO

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  • Highest-grade

    Dedicated to provide flawless first-class services delivered exclusively over highest quality systems.

  • Best pricing

    Best price/performance ratio. Flexible terms adopted to clients’ needs.

  • Customers first

    Utmost commitment to maintain customers’ satisfaction at highest possible levels.

  • Industry-leading SLA

    SLA secured by 24/7 proactive monitoring that ensures high availability for mission-critical operations.

  • 24/7/365

    Direct and anytime contact with sales and technical staff dedicated for your company.


Top ranked companies, public institutions, as well as leading multinational enterprises place their trust and confidence in our abilities to serve highest-grade Internet.
  • Johnson Matthey, Europe

    High-grade Internet access for a British multinational company operating in Europe.

  • Hi-Tech Corp, Europe

    High-grade Internet access for the European leader in Printed Circuit Boards technologies.

  • Macedonian National TV, Europe

    Internet connection optimized for 24/7 full HD live encoding traffic for a global video portal.

  • Telecom Slovenia, Europe

    Carrier grade lines for the leading telecom provider in the Central-East Europe.

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Financial institutions are rapidly transforming into agile and e-communication friendly enterprises. Interspace's solutions boost this transformation by addressing core challenges related to secure, reliable and cost-effective data transport. The solutions are based on our terabit enabled metro ethernet network that features redundant architecture and extreme uptime.
  • National Bank of R. Macedonia

    Interspace passed high demanding and rigorous validation tests by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. We supply two high-grade Internet connections backed by extreme SLA guarantee and hardened proactive monitoring for flawless day-to-day data operations of the bank.

  • TTK Bank

    Interspace provides private data connection between TTK Bank's branch sites in Macedonia.

  • Commercial Bank AD

    Interspace provides high-grade Internet access and private data connections between the bank's branch sites in Macedonia.

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