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Super Xeon
Dedicated hosting plans based on enterprise grade servers with Intel Xeon processors. All servers feature dual power supplies, ECC reg RAM, RAID protected disks and a high-grade Internet connection.
Ideal for running bossiness critical applications due to the highly reliable and well established features of the Xeon processors. On request we can provide a subnet of public IPv4 addresses.
PlanCPU modelCores/HTRAMSpaceOne-time
Monthly fee (excl. VAT 18%)
for 3 year payment
SX-30Xeon E5-2690v414/2832 GB2x512 GB SSD€ 60€ 99
SX-35Xeon E5-2690v414/2832 GB2x2000 GB HDD€ 60€ 99
SX-65Xeon E5-2690v414/2864 GB2x4000 GB HDD€ 90€ 121
SX-60Xeon E5-2690v414/2864 GB2x960 GB SSD€ 90€ 121
SX-90Xeon E5-2690v414/2896 GB2x1920 GB SSD€ 120€ 159
SX-95Xeon E5-2690v414/2896 GB2x6000 GB HDD€ 120€ 159
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Super Epyc
Dedicated hosting plans based on enterprise grade servers with AMD EPYC processors. All servers feature dual power supplies, ECC reg RAM, RAID protected disks and a high-grade Internet connection.
Perfect for multi website platforms or intensively used applications, due to the advantages of EPYC related to multicore capability and large CPU cache. On request we can provide a subnet of public IPv4 addresses.
PlanCPU modelCores/HTRAMSpaceOne-time
Monthly fee (excl. VAT 18%)
for 3 year payment
SE-35EPYC Rome 728216/3232 GB2x1920 GB NVMe€ 60€ 163
SE-60EPYC Rome 728216/3264 GB2x1920 GB NVMe€ 60€ 204
SE-90EPYC Rome 728216/3296 GB2x3840 GB NVMe€ 90€ 242
SE-95EPYC Rome 745232/6496 GB2x1920 GB NVMe€ 90€ 275
SE-125EPYC Rome 745232/64128 GB2x3840 GB NVMe€ 120€ 305
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If you need а setup not available in the listed plans, feel free to request a quote for a custom setup at [email protected]
Advantages of Interspace dedicated hosting 
All our hosting plans are based exclusively on high-grade systems because we primarily serve business-critical systems. The servers use Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc processors from the new generation, RAID protected disks, ECC Reg memory and high-speed Internet connection.

The disk drives are hardened with technologies that enable 24x7 operation and high performance, durability and reliability.

Error Correcting Code (ECC) RAM is used which is an enterprise-grade type of RAM with much higher reliability than the regular one. This type of RAM is a must for business-critical applications such as mail server, important data storage, ERP software, commercial website, etc.

All hardware components are under proactive monitoring and maintenance, ensuring excellent system stability.
Free of charge KVM-over-IP available 24/7/365. It can be activated instantly by one click in My Interspace control panel, without the need to send request to our support.

The KVM includes support to remotely boot your own ISO images (virtual media), enabling you to install an OS of your choice.

Power control options, including reset/power off/power on, are available on a single click in the My Interspace control panel.
Interspace is a telecom provider and one of our core services is providing highest-grade Internet access. The users of your services will benefit from this because, regardless of their location, they will have fast access to your servers through our network designed for the highest quality connections.

From the global Internet providers, we highlight the direct connections with Lumen (ex CenturyLink/Level3) and Arelion (ex TeliaCarrier) which are in the first two places on the global ranking list, as well as Hurricane Electric which is in the top 5. With these connections, the virtual servers enter directly into the core of the Internet network only through one provider router.

We establish direct peering with several regional and local providers, as well as specialized providers, including Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, and Facebook. We are present in Internet Exchanges, such as the European exchange DATAIX, the Macedonian exchange IXP.MK, and the Bulgarian exchange BIX, wherein we peer with a large number of Internet and hosting providers. These connections enable significantly higher bandwidth and lower latency by routing traffic directly, rather than through global providers.
The Interspace dedicated hosting operates in accordance to the highest standards and strict procedures that are under regular certification, as detailed below:

ISO 27001 certificate for system for managing information security.
ISO 20000-1 certificate for management processes for effective delivery of IT services.
ISO 22301 certificate for business continuity in the event of incident or disaster.
ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system.
ISO 14001 certificate for responsible environmental management system.
License of highest level A for design of fiber optic infrastructure projects.
As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Interspace brings a multitude of benefits to our clients, including affordable Microsoft software licenses and managed services for seamless integration of your systems with the robust Microsoft ecosystem.

Leverage our Microsoft Partnership to help your drive for innovation, efficiency and success of your business by running Microsoft technologies on our reliable and high-performance cloud platform.
Our state-of-the-art data centers are based exclusively on highest-grade gear from well-known vendors, because our primary business is to serve mission-critical and business-critical systems. We do not use commodity hardware or custom made servers.

The servers are hosted in our own data centers, enabling us full control in safe-guarding the uptime 24/7/365. The primary data centers are located in Skopje - Macedonia, and the disaster recovery data center is located at a safe distance of 100km from Skopje.

Data centers specs
Power system
Dedicated A+B power line feeds (AC) to each rack, protected by (A+B) UPS systems and (A+B) uninterruptible power generators protection. The power transformer is connected to the electrical power substation in a ring topology.
Cooling system
Redundant data center grade cooling systems, that maintain optimal temperature for the systems to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Cold aisle containment, which increases efficiency by directing cold air where it's needed most.
Fire protection
Multi-zone fire detection system and total-flooding fire suppression system using clean agents. Door and electric cables certified for 90 min fire resistance.
Water leak and humidity protection
Automatic water leak detection. Dehumidifier/humidifier systems for regulation of strict humidity levels.
Physical protection
24/7 manned security presence at the site by a certified security company. Extensive high quality cameras surveillance across the premises.
Network and cable infrastructure
Cutting-edge terabit capable networking infrastructure. Multiple completely separated fiber cable entrances into the premise and the data center itself.
Pro-active monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring тhat covers all aspects of our infrastructure, including servers, network devices and connections, electricity and cooling systems and other elements. Inside the devices themselves, we monitor even the smallest details, such as the status of the processors, disks, ventilators, temperature, power supplies, optic signal strength and other important components. This level of monitoring allows us to quickly detect and resolve any issues that may arise, before they become noticeable to our users.
  • Highest-grade

    Dedicated to provide flawless first-class services delivered exclusively over highest quality systems.

  • Best pricing

    Best price/performance ratio. Flexible terms adopted to clients’ needs.

  • Customers first

    Utmost commitment to maintain customers’ satisfaction at highest possible levels.

  • Industry-leading SLA

    SLA secured by 24/7 proactive monitoring that ensures high availability for mission-critical operations.

  • 24/7/365

    Direct and anytime contact with sales and technical staff dedicated for your company.

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